You can find these permissions in Settings > Tracking Settings on the Workpuls web platform.

  • Allow employees to access their own screenshots, and furthermore, allow them to delete their own screenshots. If a personal or sensitive info is caught in a screenshot employee can review or delete it and have a control of their privacy.

  • Allow employees to view their own productivity data - their computer activities time, productive / unproductive / neutral times, their Idle time - Time and Attendance dashboard and their own Employee page.

Note: If this permission is not checked employee will still see their attendance data - Work time and their clock in / clock out timestamps. Productivity data will appear as all zeros.

  • Allow employees to see their apps and websites usage, on Apps & Websites dashboard.

  • If you use Workpuls for project management with our Time Tracking plan, you can allow employees to track their time on tasks which will activate this feature and add Workpuls Task Widget on their computers allowing them to start / stop timers for their tasks.

  • With above mentioned permission allowed you can further allow employees to add new tasks to an existing project themselves.

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