Note: To be able to Sign In with SSO this feature must be enabled by Workpuls admin on platform Settings. Click here to learn how to set it up

Workpuls Admin, Manager and Client users have the ability to use SOO to Sign In on the web platform using their existing SSO account such as Okta, OneLogin, Azure, Ping Identity, Bitium, Centrify, Custom SAML 2.0, etc...

On Sign In page there is a Sign in With SSO button.

To use this functionality press on that button, enter your SSO account email and click on Sign in With SSO.

If newly added Admin Manager or Client user wants to login to Workpuls for the first time with SSO, they will be redirected to their SSO platform for further one time only authorisation steps. After successfully authorised, user will land on Workpuls platform.

If Admin, Manager or Client user which haven't yet been invited to their organization's Workpuls account Signs In With SSO, after successful authorization they will be automatically assigned to their organization based on the email address domain as a Manager user without any active permissions. They will see a message advising them to reach out to their Workpuls Admin as they have no permissions.

When already existing Workpuls Admin, Client or Manager user Signs In with SSO for the first time they will be informed that they will not be able to Sign In with their Workpuls credentials again after connecting their SSO account with Workpuls.

Upon clicking on Yes, Link Account button, 6-digits code will be sent out to the user's email as a identity verification step. This can be resent by clicking on Resend Code button. By entering correct code, user is redirected to their Workpuls platform.

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