Feature Introduction:

As productivity labeling is designed to provide flexibility to have certain apps labeled differently between teams, this means that every used app and website must be labeled repeatedly for each different team.

By utilizing our copy existing labels you can save time when you don't require the extra flexibility of different teams having apps or websites labeled and tracked differently. You can copy full set of productivity labels from one team to any other, or to all teams.

Note: This action is irreversible, once done it can't be undone.

How to utilize copy productivity labels feature:

1. To open feature window click on Copy existing labels between teams, found on the bottom of the Review productivity notifications window, as seen on the screenshot below:

2. On the next screen the whole process will take place, for start choose a team you wish to apply labels from by selecting it from the list or first searching for team's name and then selecting it.

Note: You can select only one team for a source team which labels will be copied.

3. Next step is to choose destination team, or or teams you will copy the source team's labels to. Once you selected source team, on the other side of the window list of teams will appear. You can filter and search through this list to find the one or multiple ones you wish to copy labels to, or select all to copy to all teams.

4. After you selected source team and destination teams you can choose whether you wish to override destination team labels or not. If you check this option source team labels will replace existing destination team labels. If you leave the option unchecked all destination team's existing labels will stay unchanged.

5. Once the action is completed from your end, servers need to handle the request which can cause labels not to be copied immediately, depending on amount of data to be synced. Please allow some time to see the changes.

Note: This action does not affect historical data for any involved team, e.g. if you already have productivity data for a certain team collected in the past, and you copy labels from another team, those new labels will take effect from that time onwards. This does not apply to neutral apps or websites labels, they will be the only ones overridden with new, inherited labels from another team

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