Disclaimer: This guide is for the legacy version of Workpuls. If you joined Workpuls after January 1, 2020, this won't apply to you.

The new Workpuls platform contains all the features you’ve come to love, plus adds tons of new value:

  • Improved Usability -- even more intuitive and simple to use

  • Performance -- improved performance both locally and in the cloud

  • Scalability -- built for fast-growing and large enterprise teams of any size

  • Stability -- lossless performance no matter the level of users or data collected

We've prepared a complete video overview of the new platform which highlights the changes and new features:

For a complete change log of features that have been changed/upgraded with this release, as well as new functionality:

Upgraded Features

Groups becomes Teams

With this change we created one place for you to review previously labeled apps and websites, edit Privacy settings, and analyze team's productivity in whole as well as each employee's contribution to the team. We also changed the way Settings are applied to users and added much more versatility on how Workpuls can work for each employee differently.

Learn more about Teams & Assigning Employees

More Flexible Settings

You can now create as many settings templates as you need and apply to each employee individually. Or you can override general settings by assigning specific setting to specific user or users.

Learn more about the new Settings

Dashboard Stats has under Email Reports

Stats overview that you had on the Dashboard page with old platform you can now get from email reports that can be sent daily, weekly or monthly to your mailbox automatically.

Learn more about Email Reports

More Screenshots.

Workpuls offers up to 30 screenshots hourly per employee now. With additional privacy settings that allow you to exclude certain apps or websites from being captured.

Learn more about Privacy Settings

New Kanban view for Projects and tasks

We improved Project management functionality by adding a Kanban board for admins and managers to easily track status of each task and easily assign employees.

Learn more about Projects & Tasks

Employee Timeline now has exportable logs

Timeline graph of your employees' shift can now be exported as a .csv providing each active, idle, or break time breakdown during the shift - along with start and end timestamp plus exact duration of each.

Break time with unlimited breaks, and break time overages.

You can assign total break time to your employees and you can allow overages so they can use even more if needed. This extra break time usage is logged in the reports and dashboards.

Learn more about Break Time Settings

You can send download links for company computer users or invite employees to Workpuls with email invitations for personal computer users on the new platform.

Learn more about Adding and Inviting Employees

Improved Manager User Role

You can set the viewing scope to each Manager to be teams or employees and you can assign different permissions to different managers. And you can have more than one Admin user role on the new Workpuls platform.

Learn more about Adding and Defining Permissions for Managers

New features

Support for both Company & Personal Computers

On the new Workups platform there are two general types of users, company and personal computer users. The invitation / installation process is different for both as well as available features and options.

Learn more about Workpuls' support for Company & Personal Computers

Apps and websites Categories introduction

With Categories you can now Review / Label multiple apps and websites at once.

Learn More about Categories and Productivity

Privacy Settings

With this feature you can choose which apps and websites you wish to exclude from Workpuls tracking and logging, completely or just to turn off screenshots for them.

Learn more about Privacy Settings

Data API

You can use our API library to pull data from Workpuls or create integration with any other platform.

Learn more about our Data API


Multi factor authentication, or two factor authentication is additional step in signing in on the dashboard that offers additional level in increasing security and privacy.

Learn more about 2FA

Always Active

Set specific apps such as Video Conferences as 'Always Active' so staff won't go into idle time if they're in-use.

Learn more about Always Active

Features Still in Development

  • Dashboard page integrated in the web platform as it was on the old Workpuls

  • Payroll Calculator

  • Offline/manual time entry

  • Ability to merge users

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