Disclaimer: This guide is for the legacy version of Workpuls. If you joined Workpuls after January 1, 2020, this won't apply to you.

All accounts that are going through upgrade phase will have access to previous platform data via web dashboards until December 31st.

If you wish to keep your previous employee data for a longer time period we suggest you export reports from https://dashboard.workpuls.com/

In the upper right corner of almost every dashboard you will find the tools which will help you export reports containing historical data, for example Time and Attendance page:

  • On the top is the calendar / time picker tool which will help you choose a time-frame for which reports will be generated and exported

  • Most left icon is the filter tool that you can use to show / hide certain columns of data

  • Next to it, in the middle between search and filter, is the export button which will download the .csv sheet for reports or .jpg image file for graphs

  • Search bar will help you to extract more specific report, for example if you search for one user specifically and press download button to export the report you will receive the sheet with that user's data only.

On some pages (Employees dashboard and Groups) you will find additional tools:

  • Average button will show calculated average stats per employee for selected time-frame

  • Total button will show grand total for each employee in the selected time-frame

Activities graph, biorhythms, apps and websites usage chart, employee timeline, these are all the graphs you can save as .jpg by pressing the download / export button

Time and attendance, Employees, Groups, Apps and Websites, Payroll, Projects, these can all be exported as .csv reports

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