Step 1:

Go to personal settings by clicking on you name in the lower left corner of the web platform

Step 2:

On personal settings page switch to Password tab and locate Two factor Authentication on the bottom of the page

Step 3:

Click on Deactivate button

Step 4:

Use security code generated on your Authenticator app and click Deactivate,

or use your Recovery code if you lost access to the Authenticator app by clicking on I want to deactivate with recovery code. Enter your recovery code and click Deactivate

2FA has now been deactivated for your Workpuls account.

In case you are unable to login because you can't access your authenticator app you can deactivate 2fa with your recovery code from login screen as well, by clicking on I can't access my code.

Note:If you lost your recovery code AND don't have the access to your Authenticator app check out this article.

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