Get the installation code

  • Go to Employees Dashboard

  • Click on Add new Employee

  • Select Company Computers

  • Select macOS

  • Copy the code you see using Copy Code

Install Workpuls app on macOS through Terminal

  • Paste the code into Terminal

  • Press enter to run the code

  • Enter your macOS system admin password and press enter

  • Wait while Workpuls downloads and installs the app

❗ Note: Password field will not reflect your input, it will remain blank. This is the default macOS feature. If the password is incorrectly entered, you will see the 'sorry, try again' message.

Allow Accessibility access permission

  • Click Open System Preferences on the first popup after installation and background configuration is over. This will take you to Security & Privacy settings

  • If password protected, click the lock in the lower left part to authenticate first by entering your password

  • Under Accessibility, check the box next to the Workpuls icon

  • Exit the window

Allow Workpuls to web browser

  • First time every web browser is running on your mac after installing Workpuls, a prompt will pop up to allow access to the browser's data

  • Click OK

After installing and allowing access, Workpuls is ready to be used and the employee will automatically appear on Admin dashboards and their data will start to be tracked.

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