Employee user name creation:

Depending on how your Organization is having office computers setup, and on the way you deployed / installed Workpuls - user alias will be created with one of the following info, per availability:

  • Full Microsoft or Apple account Username for both local or Active Directory installation will be used first. If this info is not available Workpuls will use following data to create Alias

  • Hostname / User ID combination for local installation on the systems that do not use Active Directory, or

  • Domain / User ID combo when there is Active Directory;

  • Device ID / User ID combination info would form the Alias if none of the above is available to Workpuls during installation

Aliases can be easily changed, check out this article to learn how.

Employee user / device identification and distinction:

Hardware ID (GUID) is the unique moniker for each device / computer user and Workpuls detects and uses this ID in order to differentiate and recognize each employee user as a separate alias in Workpuls by default and when there is no Active Directory in use.

Workpuls admin can choose to utilize different way for Workpuls to recognize and differentiate new employee users in Settings > Tracking Settings > Advanced Settings.

Besides using HWID and Username, Computer Name and Username combo can be selected, or just Computer Name. Based on your organization's IT infrastructure and user management.

Note: Once changed, identification will apply to new employees only.

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