How and when to deactivate

Each user you have on the list of active users are the ones Workpuls is set to track. Also, those are the ones you will be charged for.

When you need to remove a user, temporarily or permanently, you should use Deactivate option:

  • Click on three dots far right from the employee's name

  • Select Deactivate Employee

  • Popup will appear prompting to confirm and informing you about 7 day lock to reactivate an user after deactivating it

Note: Deactivating an user will stop the device from being tracked again. If you wish to track someone else on the device used by another employee previously and you had them deactivated in Workpuls, you should reactivate first before new employee appears on the dashboard.

How and when to reactivate

When you have employees that work part time or they were on a larger leave so you deactivated their Workpuls user previously, and you need to start tracking them again; or when you need to set new employee to be tracked on previously deactivated employee's computer, these are the steps to reactivate:

  • Go to Employees page

  • Click on Deactivated tab

  • Click on Reactivate button on the far right

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