In this guide we will cover the following key topics for getting the most out of Workpuls:

  • How to invite employees and set up new devices
  • Teams & Productivity Definitions
  • Tracking & Measuring Productivity
  • Project and Task Management
  • Advanced Workpuls Configurations

How to invite employees and set up new devices
Let's get the first user/computer set up so that your Workpuls instance is starting to collect data for productivity analysis.

Learn more about the difference between the company and personal computer installation types.


Teams & Productivity Definitions
With employee devices now logging data to Workpuls it's time to categorize that data using Workpuls productivity assignments which are applied at the 'team' level.

Learn more about setting and changing productivity labels.


Tracking & Measuring Productivity
Workpuls is packed with reporting and helpful views to give you instant insights into staff productivity and time and attendance.


Project and Task Management
If you want to go even further with your time analysis, Workpuls Projects & Tasks allows you to associate time directly with specific projects/tasks that employees are working on.

Learn more about Project Based Time Tracking and how to create Projects and Tasks.

Note: Projects & Tasks is available with our 'Time Tracking' Plan


Advanced Workpuls Configurations

Workpuls is incredibly powerful. In this video, we'll go over some of the advanced configuration options, including how to run multiple configurations in parallel and over-ride settings at an individual employee level.

Learn more about Workpuls Shared Settings Profiles.


More Reading

  • Email Reports
    Automatically receive productivity reports to your inbox. Learn More.

  • Understanding Time Sheets
    A detailed break down of what each column in employee time-sheets means. e.g. What is office time vs idle time. Learn More.

  • Always Active
    If you have apps & websites that employees use such as video conference or telephony software this setting can help you get more accurate activity data. Learn More.
  • Privacy Settings
    Choose to disable monitoring and/or screenshots on specific apps/websites to reduce the amount of personal data captured. Learn More.
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