To view the API documentation visit

To use our API you need to have an active Workpuls account

Step 1 - Getting the collections to Postman

  • Easiest way to do this is by clicking on Run in Postman button in the upper right corner of the API documentation page

  • This will open your Postman app (or ask you to download and install if you don't have it on your computer already) and automatically import all Workpuls API requests collections

Step 2 - Getting Bearer token for Authorization

  • Login as an Admin to your organization's account on

  • Go to Settings> API Tokens

  • Click on Create new Token button

  • Create new API token window will appear. First assign a name to your Token

  • After naming the token button to generate will become active. Click on that button to get your new token. Kindly note that this is the only time this specific token will be shown

  • Once the token is generated copy the token and make sure you are storing it safely

Step 3 - Applying Authorization to the desired collection

  • Click on three dots on the root collection folder you wish to be authorized to access and use

  • Click on Edit

  • On Edit Collection window select Authorization tab, make sure Type is Bearer Token and paste the token you received last. Click on Update

Note: You can have API token with READ and API token with WRITE sets of permissions

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