Steps to Add Employees & Computers to Workpuls

Go to Employees >> Add New Employee

Choose between:

  • Company Computers

  • Personal Computers

👉 If you're not sure which to choose, please see our full guide on differences between company and personal computers.


Company Computers 💻

When you're installing Workpuls on computers owned by the company, you will want to use this option.

From here you can either:

  • Download Workpuls
    This option is great if you would like to download Workpuls to a USB drive, or share it via an internal file sharing app or install via Terminal.

  • Copy & Paste your unique Installation URL
    This option is great if you would like to share the download file with another member of your team, for example an IT Administrator or even to employees to install directly.

After Workpuls is installed the device/user will automatically appear in your dashboard.

👉 Read more on how to add Company Computer users on macOS


Personal Computers 👨‍💻

When you're using Workpuls on Employee's personal devices it's important you use this option.

To invite employees, Workpuls will ask you for their:

  • Email Address

  • Full Name

  • Team

After you send the invitations to employees:

  • They will be sent an invitation via email to join Workpuls

  • They will be asked to register an account with Workpuls

  • They will need to download and install Workpuls on their device

  • They will need to log in to Workpuls after installation

After they have logged into Workpuls they will automatically appear in your dashboard.

Note: on MacOS due to this system's privacy features, employees will see a popup window asking to allow Workpuls some permissions. Users should click on Open system preferences and allow Workpuls accessibility functions. The window after the installation looks like this


🔧 Troubleshooting

  • Computers not appearing after installation
    If after the installation the employees don't appear on your dashboard, please make sure your network firewall (if you have one) is allowing and

  • Windows 7 Devices not appearing
    For devices that are using Windows 7, if they don't automatically appear on your Workpuls dashboard, please check this article in addition to the step above.


👆 Important Details When Adding New Employees & Devices:

  • It's imperative that you select and use the right version (Company vs. Personal) computers. Please see our Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

  • Adding new Employees & Devices will impact your billing. Please see our full billing guide for more information.

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