Workpuls enables you to select which apps and websites you don't want to track time, or screenshots on while in focus. These settings are managed on a team by team basis.

To get started:

  • Go to 'Teams'

  • Select the team that you wish to manage

  • Select 'Privacy' at the top.

Next you will see a modal window where you can:

  • Turn off tracking based on productivity labels

  • Disable Tracking/Screenshots for specific app(s), and website(s)


Employee Privacy First

To best protect employee privacy we recommend preventing tracking based on these three scenarios. When selected, these settings tell Workpuls to only track activities on previously marked productive apps/sites.

You'll still know whether they were productive or not, but what is happening during unproductive time won't be visible which helps to prevent things like private conversations or banking details,etc from being exposed on the platform.

Note: Privacy settings rules are active only while app or website settings are applied to is in focus on the computer. Meaning, while the app or website is in front and actively in use, privacy restrictions will be active.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What will happen if employees use dual monitor setup?
    As privacy settings are applied to app or a website in focus - if privacy restricted app or a website is on one monitor while employee is working on second monitor in another, non restricted app or a website, some unwanted data might still be captured. This is because Workpuls will capture screenshot of both monitors.

  • What will happen if "Don't Track Time" is enabled?
    All tracking will be disabled so these apps/websites won't appear in any reports.
    Staff time during these apps will be marked as 'Neutral'.

  • What will happen if 'No Screenshots' is enabled?
    Time tracking will still be enabled but no screenshots will be captured during the use of the apps/websites that you select.

  • How will my staff appear on Real Time Dashboard when working on private apps?
    The application which an individual is using will show up as 'Privacy protection'.

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