Workpuls enables you to select which apps and websites you don't want to track time, or screenshots on. These settings are managed on a team by team basis.

To get started:

  • Go to 'Teams'
  • Select the team that you wish to manage
  • Select 'Privacy' at the top.

Next you will see a modal window where you can:

  • Turn off tracking based on productivity labels
  • Disable Tracking/Screenshots for specific app(s), and website(s)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen if "Don't Track Time" is enabled?
    All tracking will be disabled so these apps/websites won't appear in any reports.
    Staff time during these apps will be marked as 'Neutral'.

  • What will happen if 'No Screenshots' is enabled?
    Time tracking will still be enabled but no screenshots will be captured during the use of the apps/websites that you select.

  • How will my staff appear on Real Time Dashboard when working on private apps?
    The application which an individual is using will show up as 'Privacy protection'.

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