After certain amount of inactive time is detected while Workpuls is running, system will prompt user to choose why they were inactive.

This will happen in the cases when: 

  • Employee is not clocked out

  • Employee is not on a break

  • Computer is not turned off

  • Task timer is not stopped

Popup looks like this

Choosing each button will do the following:

  • I was on break - Deducts detected inactive time from user's break time;

  • Yes - counts detected Inactive time as Idle time;

  • No - counts detected Inactive time as non working time, as a result ends the shift and clocks out users that are on manual clock in option from the start of the detected inactivity

For employee monitoring, the prompt will happen after 30 or more minutes of inactivity. For project tracking the prompt will happen after 10 or more minutes of inactivity while any task timer is on.

After 4 hours Workpuls will auto clock out and stop recording the user for employee monitoring, while for project tracking this will happen after 20 minutes. 

Note: I was on break button will appear only if you set break time for your employees. When there is no break time set in Workpuls, employees will only see Yes and No buttons

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