There are several ways to edit settings for your employees in Workpuls. Depending on whether you need to change settings for all your employees or for one or few employees individually, and how flexible you need Workpuls to be.

Shared tracking settings

One way is with editing shared tracking settings which apply to all your employees and this can be done by going to tracking settings .

  • Settings > Tracking settings page;

Note: This way of managing Workpuls settings is best used when you have one major use scenario for tracking all your employees.

Settings Templates

Another way to manage Workpuls settings for your employees is to create Shared Settings templates on Settings > Tracking setings > Create new Tracking settings button and apply them to whichever employee you need to.

You can have as many templates as you need  and you can save unique settings per each template. This way you can set Workpuls to run in Stealth mode for some employees, and in Normal visibility mode for others. Or you can assign Projects and Tasks to several employees but not to all. These are just few examples. 

Templates can be used when you have couple usage scenarios for Workpuls and then you assign each one to desired employees. This can be done on the Employee Settings window  you can get to by doing the following:

  •  Click on Employees on the sidebar

  •  Click on desired Employee name to get to their individual Employee page

  •  Click on Settings next to their name

  • Select shared tracking settings template by choosing it from the drop down menu 

Employee settings

You can also edit individual Employee settings which overrides current shared tracking settings template and is applied per employee. Image below represents notification that will stay in the upper right corner on edited employee's settings page for as long as the shared tracking settings template is overridden  

You can assign individual settings to an employee by following the steps below:

  • Go to Employees page by clicking on Employees on the sidebar

  • Click on the name of the employee you wish to apply specific settings to

  • On that employee's page you will have Settings button next to their name

  • Clicking on Settings button will open settings window where you can edit and save settings.

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