STEP 1 - Create Company 💼

Create your company account - its name, Industry, Team size, and choose a computer type your employees are working on.

  • Choose Personal or Company computers and click Next Step button.

We will explain Personal computers onboarding steps first.

Personal Computers 

STEP 2 - Attendance tracking settings for Personal computers 🔧

  • Projects and Tasks setting will set Workpuls to track employees' computer activities  when they start the timer on Tasks, and only while they are working on Tasks; while Manual Clock-in will set Workpuls to start tracking activities when an employee clicks on Clock In button and until they hit Clock Out

You can check how this will look for employees in Employees' first steps article.

STEP 3 - Screenshots setup

Set the amount of screenshots you wish Workpuls to take per employee per hour, or disable this feature.

STEP 4 - Invite employees 👩‍💻

  • Send the Workpuls installation file to your employees by simply entering their email, full name and Team they belong to. The full name you enter here will be the name you will see on the dashboards. You can assign employees to a default Team or create a new one, depending on how many teams will use Workpuls. 

  • Click Send invitations and your employees will receive an invite email with the download link to install the Workpuls widget,  and create their login credentials.

Note: Only after your employees finish these steps and start using the Workpuls widget will their data start showing up on your Admin Dashboards.

  • After sending the invites you will be informed about your and your employees' next steps - based on the previously selected settings.

STEP 5 - Start tracking data 📈

When your employees install the Workpuls installation file, they will be able to Clock in/out  or Start tracking time on their tasks via the widget on their desktop.

Note: As soon as employees Clock In for the first time, or start the Timer on their first task, their data will show up on your Workpuls dashboard.

Company Computers

STEP 2 - App Visibility and Projects tracking settings 🔧

  • Visible mode means Workpuls icon will always be visible in the app tray, unlike Stealth, which completely hides that Workpuls is running on the computer. 

  • With visible mode you can later choose to have Workpuls run automatically or manually - to provide employees with an option to clock in and clock out themselves, and you can use Time Tracking on Tasks and Projects with this mode. Stealth mode, being completely invisible, will not have the option for employees to have any control over when and how Workpuls tracks productivity data and will not support Time Tracking on Tasks and Projects for the same reason.

STEP 3 - Screenshots setup

Choose if you will enable screenshots from the start and number of screenshots you'd like Workpuls to take per employee per hour.

STEP 4 - Add Employees 👨‍💻

Adding Company computers employees is being done through Workpuls installation file. For each organization, we create one unique file that can be used for all employees. 

  • Download the installation file 

  • Distribute it to employees' computers and run the installation

  • Depending on your settings, when the installation is complete, one out of three will occur - for Stealth mode nothing will be displayed, and for Visible mode either Workpuls icon will show in app/system tray or the Widget will show up.

STEP 5 - Start collecting data 📈

As soon as the installation is complete you will see employee names on the Admin dashboard, and as soon as they start working on their computers their activities will begin to be tracked and will show up on your dashboard.

Note: If needed, all settings can be changed later on under Settings.

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