You can view complete list of all already labeled apps, websites and categories and change them anytime by going to Teams> Three dots on the far right > Review Usage. Alternatively, you can select change existing labels from the Review Usage button dropdown menu

Tip: Each Team can have unique productivity labels for same apps, websites, and categories.

Note: Changes to productivity labels are retroactive only for unreviewed apps & websites. All other changes to productivity labels will be reflected from that moment on.

There are multiple ways you can change existing productivity label for app, website or a Category. 

  • You can change productivity label for apps and websites one by one on apps and websites list; 

  • Or you can change productivity label for whole Category at once; 

  • You can also expand every specific Category and change productivity label for one or several apps/websites that belong to it without changing complete category's label. 

Note: When you do this, specific app or website that has it's label updated will no longer be functionally attached to a Category - every  future change made to a Category in whole will not take effect to an app / website you individually changed label for. As you can see on the photo above, Social Networks category is labeled unproductive with an exception of Linkedin, hence overridden is displayed below the name. 

In order to get the content back in sync with it's category you can click on Reset , this way Linkedin would take productivity label from the Category once again and every other time you change Social Networks label Linkedin would change accordingly. 

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