Whenever one of your employees uses an app or a website for the first time Workpuls will notify you to review it on the Review Usage tab on the upper right corner. 

This is one time only action for every new app or website. In order to track your employees productivity Workpuls needs your input on what apps or websites are productive, neutral, or unproductive for your business.


Content can be labeled as one of three following labels:

  • Productive - Content that is relevant to team's work;
  • Neutral - Content that is being used daily but does not obstruct or distract from the work, nor it is directly involved in getting the job done;
  • Unproductive - Private content viewed during working hours, content that distracts from job tasks, etc...

Tip: You can label same content - app or a website, differently depending on which team is using it. Let's take social networks apps or websites for example - this can be highly distracting content for your developers, or accounting, but is considered as productive for your PR or Marketing teams that are handling social media marketing.


With Workpuls you can assign productivity label to a Category instead of app or website individually - meaning you can label a Category which will apply that label to every app and website that falls under it, and for every future app and website that will be automatically put into that Category by Workpuls.

Tip: Apps, Websites, and Categories labeling can be changed after initial input by going to Teams page and clicking on three dots > Review Usage for a Team you wish to change the labels for.

Employee Productivity 

Once the content has been reviewed and labeled as Productive, Unproductive or Neutral, Workpuls will remember your choice and start tracking time employee spent on each app or website as Productive, Unproductive or Neutral respectively.

This leads to counting and displaying total Productive, Unproductive and Neutral time for each employee 

Tip: Unreviewed content will be tracked as Neutral until labeled accordingly. Make sure to label new apps, websites or categories as soon as you see review usage notification for most accurate results.

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