Workpuls software is getting timezone data from the device it is being installed and used on. It will reflect time and date accordingly on your admin / manager dashboards.

If you have employees working in timezones that are different than yours, you can set up Workpuls to show data in two different ways:

  • Translate recorded time to your computer timezone and display it like that - Option called Your Timezone;

  • Keep employee timezones and display the data timestamps originally as they are captured from their devices. Option called Timezone of your employees.

You can access Timezone settings by clicking on your username on the bottom left and selecting 'Personal Settings' . After selecting desired option make sure to click on Save timezones button.

Note: Employees will naturally still be seeing the data themselves (if permitted to) in their own Timezone even if you select Your Timezone option - the setting applies to what you're viewing on your end

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