Personal computers

  • Personal computers option is designed to keep employee's privacy in their hands, they have the control over when Workpuls is tracking their work with use of Clock in and Clock out buttons:
  • Employees are being added via email invitation that contains link for them to create their user password and a download link - to download and log into Workpuls Widget;
  • Easily have multiple employees on the same computer since each will have their unique user name and password;¬†
  • Workpuls can only work in transparent visibility mode, icon will always be visible on the computer;
  • More suitable for remote working employees, or employees that use same computer for work and personal use;
  • Available tracking scenarios : Manual and Project based.

Company computers 

  • Button-less automatic Clock in and Clock out attendance tracking¬†
  • Employees are added automatically after installer is distributed and installed on their computers. First computer activity after successful installation will register and show them on Admin dashboards;
  • No Sign In required, users are being registered by user account and device ID;
  • Possibility for Silent install, RDS and Terminal Server installation and usage;
  • Tracking on Company computers can be done in Stealth mode without distracting employees;
  • Best fit for in office employees that are working on company owned computers;
  • Available tracking scenarios: Unlimited and fixed hours automated tracking, network based automated tracking, manual and project based tracking.

If you have both office and remote working employees, or same employees that work mostly at one place and sometimes at the other - you can choose one computer type but add employees and settings for another computer type anytime. This way you'll have both company computer and personal computer using employees mixed under your account.

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